June 23, 2024

Urolithin a powder guide

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Urolithin A (UA) is made by gut microflora from foods abundant with ellagitannins. UA has been proven to boost mitochondrial health preclinically and in humans. Not everyone has a microbiome with the capacity of producing UA, making supplementation with UA an attractive strategy.
Urolithin A (UA) is made by gut microflora from foods abundant with ellagitannins. UA has been shown to boost mitochondrial health preclinically and in humans. Not everyone has a microbiome capable of producing UA, making supplementation with UA an appealing strategy.

This is actually the first detailed inspection of the prevalence of urolithin a powder producers in a healthy population and the power of direct UA supplementation to overcome both microbiome and dietary variability. Diet intake of one glass of pomegranate drink (PJ) was used to examine UA producer status (n = 100 participants) and characterize dissimilarities in gut microbiome between UA producers from non-producers.

Things were randomized (1:1) to either PJ or a food product containing UA (500 mg). Prevalence of UA producers and non-producers were decided in the PJ group. Diet questionnaires and fecal samples were collected to compare dissimilarities between UA producers and non-producers along with plasma samples at different time tips to assess degrees of UA and its own conjugates between the interventions.
Urolithin A is made by your body after ingesting compounds within pomegranate such as punicalagins and ellagitannins and can help recycle faulty mitochondria.

What A New Review Showed
Researchers first studied Urolithin A on a common worm called C. elegans. This worm is often used in anti-aging studies because after just 8-10 days and nights it’s considered elderly. Its brief life-span allows scientists to see and gauge the effects of maturing in just a little over weekly.

The researchers implemented urolithin A to several these worms and noted that life expectancy in the urolithin An organization increased by more than 45% set alongside the control group.1

Next, the team performed several rodent studies and discovered that urolithin A improved upon muscle function and removed harmed mitochondria before they accumulate and cause mobile dysfunction throughout the body. Scientists know that with age group, mitochondria lose their durability and die off in doing so “clogging up” skin cells with particles that impedes their function.

In the first mouse study, urolithin A administration above the long-term was found to increase muscle function of increasing age mice. Set alongside the control group, the supplemented group showed a 57% upsurge in the amount of spontaneous exercise assessed by the running wheel and a 9% increase in grip durability.1

In a second mouse study, this time around relating a shorter treatment strategy on aged mice, urolithin A was found to increase jogging endurance by typically 42%.1

Following these findings on increasing age mice, the team performed another analysis, also assessing the impact of urolithin A on muscle function in young rats. Muscle function was evaluated by measuring voluntary running in activity rims. Once again, treatment with urolithin A proved to be effective, this time by increasing the running capacity by 65% in comparison to controls.1

The administration of urolithin A led to an increased exercise capacity in young and older rodents. Muscle power increased and working endurance was robustly augmented. Together, these different studies high light that the administration of urolithin A, both brief- and long-term, upgraded muscle function throughout different periods of life by improving muscle quality.

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