September 25, 2023

Taboo Topics Pose As Hindrances To Health Blogs

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Whenever a person wants to get information about certain health related issue, the first thing he or she is likely to do is go and do an online search. In most cases, the most popular or rather the most authoritative health related websites come up first. When I say health oriented websites with authority, I mean websites like WebMD, Mayo clinic, healthline and so on and so forth but very few people know that certain valuable information can be found on websites of lower authority and such information may never be found on the above mentioned websites. I will gradually explain why and how then I may even give examples of such websites.

Taboo Themes And Puritanism

There are certain terms, phrases or sentences you will not find on leading health websites just because of the established puritan stances of certain establishments or the other. It would be quite alright if this is true but the real truth is that people are having serious health concerns regarding the so called taboo themes.

Have you ever visited a page on a website but failed to see or read about what you really wanted? Here is to me a very familiar scenario:

  • 1. You do a search on Google, Yahoo, Bing or some God knows what search engine
  • 2. You click and navigate to a page you believe the information you are looking for is on
  • 3. On getting to the page, you neither see nor read anything related to what you were looking for but the search engines displayed the page anyway. Why, there must be that info on this website so you did a search and …

“We are sorry but your search did not match anything on our website.” That exact sentence or something similar. This is supposed to be an authority website in health right? You are disappointed and navigate away or hit the back arrow to go back to the initial search page to try other options only to be disappointed the second, third, fourth or even the fifth time. What the heck is going on here? The truth is most of these websites are hostages to Puritanism as I would say. Certain terms are certainly not allowed. Period. People’s lives might be impacted and yet NO period.

Taboo Themes Make The News

In my opinion based on what I have seen and observed, the topics that seem to be considered taboo on well established health websites seem to be news worthy on websites that are news oriented. People love sensational news. Taboo health topics are good on news websites but not on health blogs or websites that profess to be in the health industry. I remember a time when this Hollywood dude did some damages to his manhood. The news was on all the media platforms from news paper editorials to TV broadcasts and even social media but yet, no information was not available for the poor guy that was looking for information on how to rid himself of taboo related health issue. Is this right? I don’t think so.

What Are Those Taboo Terms?

There was this guy who was obsessed with watching adult movies. This guy also happens to be a very good friend of mine. I mean we grew up together and had each other’s back. He was obsessed with getting information about how the male adult movie actors manage to pull off certain feats. Topics that really interest him are the ones that are related to the size of the male organ, how a man can be better in bed with a woman and even outperform adult movie stars etc. I mean the man is crazy but he is also my friend.

The Answer Finally

I don’t know about you but if you have a friend who is crazy about something, you better let him have it. My friend finally found this health blog called healthblogumentary where according to him he found not all but most of the information he needed to enhance his you know what desire. I said he was crasy but still he is my man.

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