April 6, 2024

Dr. Jim Ellis, DDS Offers Wisdom Teeth Removal in Ogden, UT – Procedures, Recovery and Care

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wisdom teeth removal in ogden ut, wisdom teeth removal in ogden utha

wisdom teeth removal in ogden ut, wisdom teeth removal in ogden utha

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Ogden, UT: An Overview with Dr. Jim Ellis, DDS

For many people, wisdom teeth eventual removal is inevitable. While these third molars may emerge normally aligned for some, most experience impaction or crowding issues that require extraction. Dr. Jim Ellis, DDS is an oral surgeon in Ogden, UT specially trained to remove troublesome wisdom teeth using advanced techniques for quicker, more comfortable healing. Here we’ll explore key considerations around wisdom tooth extraction with Dr. Ellis, from candidacy and costs to procedures and recovery.

Wisdom Tooth Impaction Issues and Symptoms

Wisdom teeth begin developing in the late teens and early 20s as the final set of molars. While some emerge properly aligned, most become impacted against adjacent teeth or bone. Common impaction problems include:

  • Mesioangular impaction – Tooth tilts forward against the tooth ahead of it.
  • Vertical impaction – Tooth fails to erupt fully through the gums.
  • Horizontal impaction – Tooth grows sideways against the roots of existing molars.

Impaction causes pain, swelling, infections, and crowding. Extraction is often necessary even if symptoms aren’t yet present to prevent future problems.

Candidacy for Wisdom Tooth Removal in Ogden, UT

Extraction is typically recommended when wisdom teeth are:

  • Partially erupted through gumline putting them at high infection risk
  • Impacted against other teeth causing bite issues or crowding
  • Pressing on nerves or sinus areas leading to pain and swelling
  • Non-functional, decayed or cystic with no benefits to oral health
  • Causing gum disease or tooth decay in adjacent teeth due to impaction
  • Causing orthodontic relapse after braces by pushing teeth out of place

Dr. Ellis will advise if extraction is necessary after clinical and radiographic examination of your wisdom teeth. Timely removal provides protection against more complex problems in the future.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedures by Dr. Jim Ellis, DDS

Dr. Ellis uses advanced techniques and technology to perform wisdom tooth extraction safely and efficiently. Procedures may involve:

  • Sterile anesthesia – Local numbing shots block sensation during the procedure.
  • Gum tissue flap – Cut and folded back to access impacted teeth.
  • Tooth disimpaction – Gentle pressure or drilling to loosen embedded tooth.
  • Tooth division – Segmenting for easier removal if required.
  • Tooth removal – Using elevators and dental forceps once mobilized.
  • Irrigation – Flushes out debris to avoid dry socket complications.
  • Gum flap repositioning – Repaired with tiny dissolving sutures if needed.
  • Bite management – May involve stitches or packing to control bleeding risks.

Post-op, Dr. Ellis provides instructions on controlling swelling, medications for pain management, and guidelines for eating and oral care to support your recovery.

Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal in Ogden, UT

Recovery time after wisdom tooth surgery varies based on impaction severity. Most are back to normal activity within 7-10 days. Recommendations include:

  • Rest – Take it easy for the first 24 hours. Elevate your head with pillows to minimize swelling.
  • Ice packs – Apply to facial areas near the extraction sites to reduce inflammation.
  • Medications – Take antibiotics or painkillers as directed by Dr. Ellis.
  • Oral hygiene – Gently rinse with warm salt water after 24 hours. Resume regular brushing after 3-4 days.
  • Diet – Stick to soft foods like yogurt, smoothies and soups initially. Progress to solid foods after several days.
  • Activity – Limit physical exertion for the first week. Avoid strenuous exercise, bending, heavy lifting.

Follow all post-op guidelines from Dr. Ellis to ease through recovery with minimal discomfort. Most of the short-term inconvenience is forgotten once you are healed and comfortable.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Costs and Insurance in Ogden, UT

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction varies based on how many teeth are removed and whether any extensive procedures are required beyond routine extraction such as tooth sectioning, bone grafting or stitches.

Pricing averages:

  • $150 – $250 per tooth – For simple, non-surgical extractions.
  • $250 – $400 per tooth – For more complex surgical extractions.

Many dental insurance plans provide coverage for wisdom tooth removal, especially for young adults, since it provides functional health benefits. Coverage may range from 50% – 80% depending on your plan. Dr. Ellis and his team can help you maximize your benefits.

Why Choose Dr. Jim Ellis for Wisdom Tooth Removal in Ogden, UT?

With advanced training in wisdom tooth extraction, Dr. Ellis maintains an excellent track record with faster, less painful procedures and smooth recovery periods. Benefits of choosing him for your wisdom teeth removal include:

  • Oral Surgery Specialization – As an oral surgeon, wisdom tooth procedures are his specialty.
  • 3D Imaging – Uses CBCT scanning for pinpoint surgical precision planning.
  • Advanced Techniques – Proficiency with latest extraction methods reduces complications.
  • IV Sedation – For greater comfort and relaxation during surgery if desired.
  • Caring Manner – Compassionate approach puts patients at ease through the process.
  • Decades of Experience – With an exceptional safety record performing extractions in Ogden since 1992.

To learn more about wisdom tooth removal or schedule a consultation with Dr. Jim Ellis, contact his friendly team today!

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