July 19, 2024

Some Sleep Tips

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Keeping Your Neck in a Position That’s Neutral

Many people have difficulty falling asleep at night due to neck pain. Maintaining the right structure can reduce this dramatically and help you ease off into sleep in comfort once more. It’s important to keep your neck at a position that’s truly neutral. Your nose should be set in a position that’s aligned to the center of your body.  Get a pillow that’s the perfect height to keep your body comfortably in this position. If it’s too high there’s going to be a strain on the back of your neck, too low and there won’t be enough height to hold your head in a comfortable position. Everyone has a unique head and a memory foam or feather pillow that molds to the shape of it is an excellent option. Never sleep on your stomach. You can’t breath without turning your head to the side. This twists your neck up, which can put unwanted pressure on certain nerves.

Keep Your Blankets and Mattress Allergy-Proof

Allergies can interfere in a large way with your ability to get enough sleep. Symptoms can include sniffling, sneezing, and coughing. It’s not uncommon for an allergy sufferer to experience snoring. It’s important to do your best to maintain an allergen-free bedroom to keep allergens away. Read this guide on how to choose the right Tempur Pedic mattress. Dust mites often crawl through our bedding at night. To keep exposure to them at bay, you might want to consider keeping your dust mites locked away from your mattress by using a zipper enclosure. Having hypoallergenic covers made of the right type of microfiber deters mildew, mold and dust mites from becoming present on your bed sheets. It’s important to ensure that your bedding is changed often. Most people need to change it once per week in one hundred and thirty degree Fahrenheit water to kill off the mites and bacteria that’ll cause them an issue. Pets should be kept away from your bed to minimize the gathering of fur and dander on sheets.

Use the Bed Only for Sleep and Sex

Your body and mind may simply not be ready if you can’t fall asleep. Get up and do some activities around the house for a while. Do the dishes or pick up clutter until you feel tired. It’s important to only use your bedroom for sexual activity and sleep. If you do other activities like reading and working in bed, it might stimulate you too much to fall asleep. Keep the stimulating lights that can be found from televisions and computers out of the vicinity in which you sleep. It’s important to keep your mind associating your bedroom and especially your bed with sleep. Some find keeping the room at a cool temperature to be the key to improving sleep quality.

Mind Your Circadian Rhythm

Making sure that you wake up around the same time every day can ensure that you keep your rhythm in check. It’s just as important to go to sleep around the same time everyday. You must maintain a sleep schedule that leads to consistency when it comes to your sleep-wake cycle. As time progresses, you’ll enjoy falling asleep faster and having a deeper sleep once you’ve past the twilight trance. Getting sunlight exposure when you’re out of bed helps you wake up in the morning. It’s a great way to tell your brain it’s time to get going in the morning. Remember, early morning sun exposure helps our brains produce the vital chemical melatonin. This chemical lets your brain know that it’s time to fall asleep.

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