June 19, 2024

What Should You Expect During Your Scalp Micropigmentation Session?

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Hair loss is one of those vagaries of life that you hope you don’t have to go through, but somehow happens and now you have to live with it. Despite the fact that it has happened, it doesn’t mean you can do nothing about it.

That is the reason you have settled for scalp micropigmentation to help you get that pep back in your step. Even though you have an idea of what the procedure is supposed to do, you still have no idea what is going to happen during your scalp micropigmentation session.

Well, here is a quick walkthrough.

Initial Discussion.

It is quite normal to have your own expectations of how the procedure will go. If anything, it would be quite shocking if you didn’t have any. This will be the first thing to be discussed.

At this point, it is assumed that you will have already chosen the clinic where you want the procedure to be conducted. Every clinic will have their own unique guidelines on how to get the procedure. However, these guidelines don’t stray too far away from each other, which ensures you get consistent results wherever you choose to get the procedure done.

During this first meeting, it will be a recap of the meeting you will have held with the micropigmentation specialist. You will review what it is you are looking for from the procedure and how you are going to achieve that. It is at this point where any questions or concerns you may have will be cleared by the specialist.

Also, before the procedure begins, you should have already sorted out the financing. This will allow for progression into the next portion.

Hairline mockup.

Hair loss can be experienced in different ways. In some, your hair line may have receded to a point where you want nothing to do with it. You could choose to have your true hairline restored by the procedure.

For others, the hairline you naturally have does not really satisfy you. You have always fantasized about having a different kind of hairline and it is at this stage where you will get to find out if what you had in mind will work for you.

The Micropigmentation Specialist will get to work coming up with a mock hairline for you to approve. They will typically do this by using a white wax pencil to design the hairline that you want.

If it isn’t exactly as you want, or the one you want doesn’t work for you, then together you can set off designing the perfect hairline for you. Once the hairline is confirmed, it is now time to prepare the treatment.

What Should You Expect During Your Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Session?The Treatment Preparation.

The treatment can be compared to preparing a canvas for a painting. While you know exactly what you want to achieve, you need the tools necessary to help you achieve that painting.

The first tool to get right should be the micropigmentation pigment. The pigment that will go into your skin should be a great representation of the hair that you have on your head in terms of color. The ink to be used should also be of a high quality.

The best ink for this procedure is Folicule. This is an ink made from natural ingredients and is considered to be the standard in the scalp micropigmentation industry.

The next tool is the SMP Pen. Unlike the tattoo needle, the SMP pen is well known for its accuracy and efficiency. These two attributes allow the practitioner to precisely implant the ink into your skin to provide a realistic representation of hair follicles.

The SMP session will not go anywhere if the pen involved is not accompanied by a suitable power source. Every scalp and every skin type is different. Some are much tougher than others, and the needle on the pen requires the precise amount of power to deliver the ink just right where it needs to be.

Next will be medical grade gloves and sanitizing wipes. The procedure involves puncturing the skin. This can be an avenue for an infection to fester. To prevent infection from person-to-person and from the machines, a sanitary environment has to be maintained.

The Actual Treatment.

Now it is time to get busy with giving you your confidence back. When the specialist has everything in place, it is time to begin the procedure. It would be best if you brought a magazine or a book to read as the first session can take anywhere from two to three hours.

During the entire process, your specialist will be checking in on your from time to time to ensure that you are in good shape. Depending on how patient you are, you can take breaks in between the session to visit the washrooms or even take a snack.

At The End Of The Session.

The scalp micropigmentation process can take anywhere from two to three sessions to get you the perfect result. This is just the first session and you will need a follow up.

As you wait for the next session, there are a few tips you will need to take care of yourself after the session. The most obvious is to stay away from any form of moisture while the area is still healing. This includes washing the area, or sweating during workouts.

Depending on how fast you heal, your next session may be in 10 to 14 days. During this time, you will have to strictly adhere to the aftercare instructions you will be given by your scalp micropigmentation specialist.

The biggest, of course, has to do with the scabs. It is normal to want to scratch your head and pick at them, but this may be detrimental to your healing and appearance afterwards. It is best to be patient until the sessions are complete.

Scalp micropigmentation is not a new technology. It I has been around for more than a decade but as it is with anything new, it has taken time to reach the maturity that allows you and others to enjoy the benefits.

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